Who, and how does he scam


  • Dave Michael
  • David Michael
  • Ogbogu Wisdom Chukwudi
  • Ogbogu Chukwudi

Contact details:

  • +234 703 969 7367
  • +284 811 225 9803
  • +284 816 902 6005
  • Davemichael4048@gmail.com

Potential address:

28 Ogochukwu str
Delta State

Action taken:
I have reported Ogbogu along with all my conversation to the following places:

  1. https://efccnigeria.org/efcc/
  2. http://www.npf.gov.ng/investigation.php
  3. Skrill

To help fight the battle against nigerian scammers i recommend we all report this individual.

I first met Ogbogu Chukwudi after searching long and hard for somebody who could assist me with signing up to Apple GSX, which is a repair network within Apple that makes it cost effective for me to unlock iPhones.

The original cost was $4,000 which we was ok with as we assumed he would be a legitimate seller and make the whole process smooth.

I asked him for proof and he sent all the proof i needed. He said he owned a shop in Nigeria called “Omegatron” and then send pictures which seemed very real.

He started getting very suspicious after i was asking for more and more evidence of owning such an account.

After this he said i could pay 50% up front and then 50% after delivery which would only be 30 minutes:


Anyway my gambling side came out and I decided to go with the 50/50 deal


below is the the part where he (Ogbogu) accepts it will take 30 minutes.



Here is my payment receipt:

09/12/2017 19:20 Sent ogbogu chukwudi Processed -17.58 -1561.45 09/12/2017 19:20 Sent ogbogu chukwudi Processed -17.58 -1561.45 Transaction ID: 2264932542Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 0.780727 GBPAmount sent: 2000.00 USDSend money fee GBP 17.58Recipient’s email: davemichael4048@gmail.com


The cheeky scammer then asks for more money as he seems to think the world’s transfer market works on the same currency as the live fx rate (let me emphasize this man (Ogbogu Chukwudi) is not very smart):



The beginning of the scams:


Let me re-iterate, after promising delivery in 30 minutes if i give him 50% up front the scammer then responds:

Hello, don’t say this please disappear to where?
I just contacted and sent everything to Apple for them to grant you approval I gave them the amount which you paid but they say they can only approve for 2years on that amount($2000) but they will approve you on unlimited validity for $4000 and from there they give me my commission so I would advice you to go for unlimited because that’s the one companies use and don’t run into blockage

This is when i immediately knew i was not getting my money back.

I asked for proof of a receipt from apple because he said they where “holding” my $2,000 this is exactly what he produced:

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-10 at 16.10.01

As i assume you can see this is a very obviously faked email.

After this i concluded that i have been scammed, since then (3 days after the 30 minutes) he pops up and asks for the remainder so he can complete the transfer.

He tells me he’s a multi millionaire but has spent all his millions renovating his phone shop so does not have $2,000 to spare to complete the transaction.

Also when i asked to just see his current active GSX account he said the following:



So now i must conclude this post by saying if you ever meet or get approached by the following man offering something that seems potentially too good to be true DO NOT SEND HIM A PENNY.

Update 12/12/2017

I have done more research on Ogbogu and found this post:

Johny Marsh says:

Hi, I would like to report one David Michael and Ogbogu Wisdom Chukwudi cheated me of 1337 US dollars through western Union. They were supposed to send me a bitcoin and as soon as they picked up the cash, they blocked me on phone and whatsapp.
Address is:

28 Ogochukwu str
Delta State


This is David Michael’s Facebook page


Please be careful when dealing with this individual.

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